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11 Exciting Activities to Explore in Sharjah: Unveiling the Cultural Gem of the UAE

Explore in Sharjah

Welcome to Sharjah, a vibrant city and cultural gem in the United Arab Emirates. Sharjah has earned the prestigious title of Arab World Cultural Capital due to its rich history, art, and cultural offerings. From grand mosques and bustling souks to modern art installations and immersive learning centers, this city is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored. This blog will unveil 11 exciting activities that will take you through Sharjah’s fascinating past and present.

1. Sharjah Mosque

As one of the UAE’s grandest mosques, the Sharjah Mosque is a sight. Inspired by traditional Ottoman art and style, this magnificent structure features stunning domes, pillars, and minarets. Step inside to experience the beauty of arched stained-glass windows, elegant chandeliers, and intricate gold detailing. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the enriched library, which houses important Islamic books and works from different eras.

2. Central Souk/Blue Souk

Dubbed “The Blue Souk” due to its unique blue tile design, the Central Souk is Sharjah’s oldest and most iconic market. With over 600 shops, visitors can explore a variety of offerings, from gold and electronics to clothing, perfumes, and souvenirs. Divided into different sections, the souk caters to every shopper’s needs, and its proximity to the Sharjah corniche and famous museums makes it an ideal location to add to your itinerary.

3. Al Qasba

Al Qasba Waterfront is a lively destination for families and friends. Featuring pedestrian bridges, restaurants, and shopping locations, this vibrant area offers a range of activities. Kids can enjoy the kids’ friends zone and the indoor soft play center, while adults can explore art exhibits, museums, and thrilling experiences like abra rides along the coast and electric water karts and bikes for rent.

4. Sharjah Aquarium

Dive into the underwater world at the Sharjah Aquarium. Home to over 100 marine species, this expansive aquarium showcases the region’s local aquatic environments. From sea rays to reef sharks and horses, visitors can admire these creatures in 21 water tanks designed to mimic coral reefs, lagoons, and mangroves. Live fish feeding sessions and interactive displays provide educational entertainment for children and adults.

5. Mleiha Archaeological Site

Venture into the desert and explore the Mleiha Archaeological Site, a UNESCO-nominated World Heritage Site. This fascinating location reveals pre-Islamic forts, Bronze Age tombs, and significant fossils and artifacts. Discover the region’s history, rituals, trade, and social order through the Neolithic, Iron, pre-Islamic, Islamic, and modern ages. For an adventurous experience, embark on a desert safari, ride a dune buggy, or camp under the stars.

6. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Considered one of the most notable museums in the UAE, the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization highlights the contributions and achievements of Arab scientists, astronomers, and artists. Visitors can explore Islamic artifacts, manuscripts, textiles, pottery, metalwork, and more in seven extensive galleries. Learn about the region’s coins and currency at the Islamic Coin Display, or delve into the Ibn Al-Haytham Gallery of Science and Technology to discover Islamic scientific discoveries throughout history.

7. Rain Room

Experience a unique art installation at the Rain Room, where visitors can stand in the rain without getting wet. Created by Random International, this interactive exhibit uses motion sensors to stop the rain wherever it senses movement. Step into a magical rain shower while staying dry, and ponder the relationship between humans and technology. The Rain Room is a must-visit for art enthusiasts seeking a captivating experience.

8. Al Majaz Waterfront

Located along the Sharjah Corniche, Al Majaz Waterfront offers whole-family dining, leisure, and entertainment facilities. Stroll along the corniche, enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the high-end restaurants, or embark on a dhow cruise. Rent a bike and explore the scenic route along the sea, or let the little ones have fun in the splash park, mini golf area, or on the mini train. Special events and performances during celebrations make Al Majaz Waterfront a popular destination.

9. Al Montazah Parks

For an adventure-filled day, visit Al Montazah Parks. This amusement and water park complex on Sharjah’s Flag Island promises excitement for all ages. Explore themed lands like the Al Montazah Pearls Kingdom Water Park, Island of Legends, Pirates Coast, and the Forgotten Valley, featuring thrilling rides and attractions. Al Montazah Parks is a must-visit destination for families and adrenaline enthusiasts.

10. House of Wisdom

Inspired by the original House of Wisdom in Baghdad, Sharjah’s House of Wisdom is a modern, high-tech library and learning center. With a vast collection of over 100,000 books, interactive exhibitions, learning rooms, and discussion halls, it aims to inspire and enable people to access knowledge easily. Admire the beautiful gardens and the iconic art structure, “The Scroll,” while exploring this architectural marvel.

11. Arabian Wildlife Center

Discover the local Arabian wildlife at the Arabian Wildlife Center. Home to over 100 species, including endangered animals like the Arabian Oryx and Arabian Leopard, this center provides a unique opportunity to encounter these creatures up close. Explore the Islamic Botanical Garden, the Natural History Museum, and a children’s area with a petting zoo for a comprehensive family experience.


Sharjah, the Cultural Capital of the Arab World, offers many exciting activities for visitors. From grand mosques and bustling souks to modern art installations and immersive learning centers, the city is a treasure trove of cultural and historical experiences. Plan your trip to Sharjah and indulge in this captivating city’s rich heritage, art, and adventure.

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