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What you should know about UAE drunk driving penalties?

Drunk driving is a serious offense that represents a huge risk to both the driver and others out and about. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), severe regulations are set up to dissuade and punish individuals who decide to work a vehicle affected by liquor. 

Understanding the UAE drunk driving penalties is fundamental for occupants and visitors to guarantee their safety and stay away from extremely legitimate results. In this blog, we will dig into the vital parts of UAE’s drunk driving penalties that everybody should know about.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The UAE has taken on a zero-tolerance policy towards drunk driving. This implies that any hint of liquor in a driver’s system is viewed as an infringement of the law, no matter what the blood alcohol concentration level. Not at all like a few nations that license a certain BAC limit, the UAE enforces a severe no-liquor policy when it comes to driving.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Testing

Policing in the UAE reserve the option to direct irregular breathalyzer tests on drivers whenever. These tests measure how much liquor is in an individual’s breath to determine if they are impaired. If a driver is found to have liquor in their system, they will be dependent upon legitimate penalties, no matter what their level of hindrance.

Penalties for Drunk Driving

The penalties for drunk driving in the UAE are extreme and are intended to hinder individuals from engaging in this risky way of behaving. Offenders can confront fines, detainment, and even license suspension. 

The seriousness of the penalties relies upon elements like the level of liquor in the driver’s system, past offenses, and whether the offense brought about a mishap causing injury or passing.

Fines and Imprisonment

Drunk driving offenses in the UAE can bring about significant fines and imprisonment. The fines can go from a couple of thousand dirhams to many thousands, depending on the conditions of the offense. Imprisonment terms might differ from a while to quite a while, particularly in cases involving repeat offenses or mishaps causing harm or fatalities.

License Suspension

Notwithstanding fines and imprisonment, individuals sentenced for drunk driving in the UAE might have their driver’s licenses suspended for a predefined period. The span of the suspension can fluctuate in light of the severity of the offense. During the suspension time frame, offenders are restricted from operating an engine vehicle legitimately.

Influence on Residency and Visa Status

For exiles living in the UAE, a conviction for drunk driving can have extreme implications for their residency and visa status. Depending on the conditions and the seriousness of the offense, individuals might confront extradition and a prohibition on reemergence to the country. 

It is fundamental for all inhabitants and visitors to follow UAE regulations regarding liquor utilization and driving to try not to endanger their legitimate status.


To raise awareness about the hazards of drunk driving and promote responsible behavior, our latest Travel Vlog sheds light on the severe consequences and penalties for this dangerous act in the UAE. Let’s all contribute to creating a safer and more responsible driving culture by strictly refraining from getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

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