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Scuba Diving In Dubai: 11 Beautiful Places To Explore Underwater World In 2023

scuba driving in dubai

Dubai, the glittering metropolis of architectural marvels and luxury, is more than simply its lofty buildings and lavish way of life. Scuba diving aficionados can discover the captivating underwater world that lies under the sparkling city’s surface. Let’s take a look at Dubai’s top 11 scuba diving locations as 2023 brings new options for adventure.

1. The World Islands

At The globe Islands, a man-made archipelago fashioned like a globe map, you may immerse yourself in a singular underwater experience. Your dive will become an exciting tour around the world thanks to the unique marine life and coral structures found on each island.

2. The Aquarium, Atlantis, The Palm

The Aquarium, which is housed within the opulent Atlantis, The Palm resort, offers a unique experience by allowing you to dive with sharks, rays, and a variety of vibrant species. Experience the wonders of the sea up close thanks to this wonderful aquarium.

3. The MV Dara Shipwreck

The MV Dara, a famous shipwreck from 1961, is now submerged off the shore of Dubai. History can be seen by diving into its depths, and marine life has transformed the ship into a thriving artificial reef.

4. Jumeirah Beach Reef

Jumeirah Beach Reef has shallow waters with a variety of marine life, including parrotfish, snappers, and angelfish, making it ideal for beginners. Divers of all levels are guaranteed a spectacular experience at this reef.

5. Snoopy Island, Fujairah

Snoopy Island in Fujairah, which is only a short drive from Dubai, is home to a spectacular assortment of marine life, including turtles and reef sharks. Divers and snorkelers alike will find the area inviting due to the pristine seas and colourful coral patterns.

6. Martini Rock

Martini Rock, so named because it resembles a martini glass, is home to a vibrant collection of soft and hard corals that draw a variety of marine life. Be prepared to come across seahorses, schools of barracuda, and, if you’re lucky, whale sharks as well!

7. Zainab Wreck

An astonishing variety of aquatic species can now find sanctuary on the artificial reef created by the cargo ship Zainab, which sank in 2001. The sensation of diving into its holds and cabins is singular and bizarre.

8. Car Cemetery

Despite not being as old as the Zainab, the Car Cemetery is just as intriguing. This diving site, which is close to Jumeirah, has a number of cars submerged in the water that provide for an intriguing and alluring atmosphere for divers.

9. Dubai Creek

Scuba diving in Dubai Creek is a requirement for anyone who like to explore the city’s core. This trip gives an insight into Dubai’s nautical legacy and the potential to discover historical relics, despite not being your usual coral reef dive.

10. Coral Reefs at The Jebel Ali Sanctuary

Coral reefs that have been well-preserved and are teeming with marine life can be seen in the Jebel Ali Sanctuary. This sanctuary is continuing to grow because to effective conservation efforts, making it a crucial place for divers looking for both natural beauty and environmental relevance.

11. Shark Island

Shark Island, despite its moniker, is a calm diving location close to Fujairah with clean waters and a variety of coral species. The island is a great place to see beautiful manta rays and stunning whale sharks.


Whether you are an experienced diver or just starting to explore the underwater world, scuba diving in Dubai promises to be an exciting travel vlog experience in 2023. Dubai boasts an astounding variety of underwater beauties that are just waiting to be found, ranging from historic shipwrecks to artificial reefs and thriving marine reserves. You won’t be disappointed, so get ready and plunge into the amazing splendor that lies beneath Dubai’s waters’ sparkling surface.

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