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Tips to Secure a Working Permit in Dubai: Your Ultimate Guide

Permit in Dubai

Are you thinking about working in one of the most thriving and expanding cities in the world? Expats looking to further their professions and adopt a vibrant lifestyle can find many chances in Dubai, the thriving metropolis of the United Arab Emirates. However, it’s important to comprehend the procedure for obtaining a working permit in Dubai before starting on this thrilling trip. We’ll lead you through the essential guidance you need to make sure your application for a work visa in the UAE goes easily and successfully in this comprehensive guide.

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1. Research Visa Types and Eligibility

Dubai offers several types of work visas, such as the Standard Work Visa, Green Visa, and Golden Visa, each catering to specific circumstances and qualifications. Research thoroughly to determine the most suitable visa category for your profession and background. Also, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) sets.

2. Secure Employer Sponsorship

You need an employer to sponsor your work visa to work legally in Dubai. This process involves obtaining a valid job offer from a registered UAE corporate entity that complies with MoHRE’s requirements. Ensure your potential employer has the operating licence and a clean record to expedite the sponsorship process.

3. Gather Required Documents

Prepare a comprehensive set of documents to support your work visa application. Typical documents include:

  • Your original passport.
  • Passport-sized photos.
  • Academic qualifications.
  • Medical document issued by a UAE health facility that has received government approval.
  • Maintain close communication with your company to make sure all required paperwork is accurate and current.

4. Submit a Complete Application

Applications that are submitted incorrectly or incompletely may be delayed or rejected. Before submitting your application, pay close attention to every last detail and double-check all the supporting documents. The MoHRE has specific guidelines crucial for successful visa approval.

5. Undergo Medical Checkup

Before obtaining your residence visa, you must undergo a medical screening at a government-approved clinic in Dubai. This checkup is essential to ensure you meet the UAE’s health requirements and is a mandatory step in the visa process.

6. Obtain Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all expatriates working in Dubai. Some employers offer health insurance as part of the employment package, while others may require you to purchase your policy. Make sure you have valid health insurance before applying for your residence visa.

7. Be Patient and Plan

In Dubai, the procedure for obtaining a visa may take several weeks. It’s crucial to have a detailed plan and exercise patience as the process unfolds. Avoid making travel arrangements until you receive your work visa to prevent inconveniences or last-minute changes.


Securing a working permit in Dubai opens the door to exciting opportunities and experiences. By following the tips mentioned in this guide, you can streamline your UAE work visa application process and make your transition to Dubai smooth. Stay organised, research thoroughly, and be prepared for potential challenges.

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